Greek Mythology


            This chapter was tough.  After much consideration, I have decided that the god Apollo is the god from Greek mythology that most describes me.  Apollo is the god of the sun/light, truth, healing, and music.

            I love nature, and there wouldn’t really be any nature without the sun.  Light generally signifies happiness, good fortune, and joy.  By being the god of light, Apollo does not only bring life to the world, but he brings goodness, too.  I believe that I bring goodness to the world simply by living my life as a good person.  I try to encourage other to live their lives, too.

            I believe I am a very honest and trustworthy person.  I believe that people can trust me and that I deserve other people’s trust, too.   I try to encourage others to be honest so we live in a world where people can be trusted.  If more people can trust those around them, we would live in a better place.

            Apollo is also the god of healing.  I am pretty good at first aid but I’m not an expert healer/surgeon. I think that I am better at making people feel better, healing them emotionally.  I am willing to talk with people and console them if they are feeling depressed.  I like to make others feel better.

            I love to sing.  I also like dancing.  These are both music-related activities.  I also like listening to a large variety of music. I think music is an important part of everyone’s well-being.  I believe that everyone should play music, or sing music, or listen to music, or incorporate it into their lives some other way.

            I had trouble finding a god that described me, but I believe that Apollo, god of the sun/light, truth, healing, and music, was the best fit.