Greek Mythology


            Long ago, Sun would stay in the sky all of the time.  After about a year of Sun’s constant floatation in the sky, Sun began to tire.  “I can’t keep this up much longer,” he said to the animals.  Buffalo, the leader of Animalia, decided to call together a great council of all the animals.  The decided to let Sun set behind the edge of the earth every twelve hours for twelve hours of rest.  There was just one problem; the animals were used to sleeping twenty hours at a time.  They decided to try it for a few days anyway.

            Not too long after Sun’s new 12-hour rests, the animals had trouble waking up on time.  Buffalo decided to call another council of the animals.  After a long discussion, the animals decided to designate one animal to watch for Sun, and wake everyone else up.  But no one wanted to wake up that early! Buffalo said that everyone would get used to it anyways, but still, no one volunteered.    Then, Giraffe stood up.  IN his very soft voice he whispered into Buffalo’s ear, “I would like to help, but I am not fit for the job.  I am very short, I can’t see over the trees. I also have a very quiet voice.”  Wise old Buffalo said to Giraffe, “You were so kind to volunteer, it was a brave and generous thing to do.  We will as for a blessing from the Great Creator.”  Buffalo led all the animals in a prayer to the Great Creator.  Suddenly, Giraffe started growing taller.  His legs grew taller and stronger.  His neck lengthened tremendously.  Soon, he was taller than everyone else.   “Wow, I can see over all the trees now, even to the edge of the earth. This is great,” whispered Giraffe, “but I still have a very soft voice.”  “OK, here’s what we’ll do. ROOSTER!” Buffalo yelled.  “Come on up here!”  Rooster approached Buffalo.  Buffalo said to Rooster, “When Sun has risen for the day, Giraffe will wake you up, right Giraffe?”  “Yes” Giraffe said softly.  “And then what?” Buffalo looked toward Rooster.  “Oh,” Rooster exclaimed, “Then I’ll use my loud voice wake up everyone else!”

            This new plan went on for a while, and it was determined in Animalia that this was the best solution, and millions of years later, we still follow this tradition.