Greek Mythology



            If Wesley Whitfield was a god, he would be the god of the Play Station 3 (PS3) and football.  He might make football games for the PS3, or even make PS3 games for the football.  Wesley would mostly hang out at football games and electronics stores.

            He would have a totally pimped-out throne.  It would have built-in high quality speakers, two giant 3D HD TVs, and WiFi.  One TV could have the best TV sports package available on it, and there would be a PS3 connected to the other, complete with all the best games.  He would watch the game on one TV screen and play PS3 on the other.

            As a god of football, Wesley would be honored and worshipped for good luck in the upcoming football games, and he might give the players on his favorite team a little bit of an edge.

            Wesley would also be a godly PS3 gamer.  He would be so good at PS3 games, that he could beat any of the hardest ones in a snap.  Wesley would make games for himself just so he could be challenged.

            In conclusion, Wesley would be the best PS3 gamer and best football player the world (and Mt. Olympus and the Underworld) will have ever known.


            If Legend Khotsombath was a god, he would be the god of ridiculous, but quick- witted humor.  He would bring good luck to good people, and bad luck to bad people, but he would also make weird things happen to them in the process.  For example, Legend might make a giant hotdog fall in front of a very hungry person, or he might make a bird drop a little “gift” on a mean guy’s head.  If a man was in a lot of financial trouble, but was a good person who was simply treated unfairly, Legend would leave a quarter on the sidewalk for him to find.  Whenever that man picked it up, there would be another coin right where the last one was.  This would continue until he had enough money to pay off his debt and have the money to last until he got a job if he didn’t have one already.

            If a boring party was dragging on, Legend would come in and start telling random jokes.  He could tell a story that was so funny, that who ever was listening to it would laugh so hard that they would burst into flame and then explode.  He would be able to resurrect them with lame jokes if he felt it was necessary.  He might wear a ridiculous big blue suit and entertain young kids at their birthday parties or appear unexpectedly in the middle of a business meeting.

            Most of the time, Legend would take the form of a balloon man and roam the city telling jokes and giving away free balloons in funny shapes.  He would call them “Hydra Balloons.”  Anytime someone would pop a kid’s balloons on purpose, two more balloons would grow back, and so on and so forth.  If someone tried to pop all of a kid’s balloons, the kid would just gain more.  Legend would be kind and friendly as well as funny.

            Legend would sometimes quarrel with Wesley, because Wesley loves the PS3 and Legend loves the X-Box 360.  They teamed up and created the PS 360, so they can play games against each other to settle their arguments.